New Position: Junior Professor (Tenure Track) at the RUB

GA Building on RUB campus

Starting from 01 February 2020, I will change my place of research: I am happy to announce that I was appointed Junior Professor for Ethics of Digital Methods and Technologies at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB). It is a Tenure Track position that I hope will allow me to build on my existing research, especially in applied ethics and the field of civil security research, in order to tackle a new set of philosophical challenges with a high socio-political relevance.

I am excited about this career opportunity and I’m looking forward to new impulses and scholarly exchanges in a new research context. Surely, it won’t be easy to leave Freiburg, my colleagues at the Husserl Archive and at the Centre for Security and Society here in Freiburg, and an unfinished project on border checks with many interesting partners. But I guess this is the way in goes in academia and I am glad to take this next important step.

In the coming months, I will change some aspects about the blog to reflect my new research focus and philosophical activities.

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