New post at the University of Freiburg’s Husserl Archive

Since 01 October 2017, I work as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Freiburg’s Husserl Archive, chaired by Prof. Dr. Hans-Helmuth Gander. At first glance, not much will change. After all, I have been affiliated with the Husserl Archive ever since I started to work as a researcher at the Centre for Security and Society (CSS) and Prof. Gander was my supervisor for my dissertation. Furthermore, I will continue to work at the CSS as part of the EU project SERIOR. However, the new post gives me somewhat more freedom in choosing the kind of research topics I would like to pursue – especially with regard to a potential habilitation. Another major difference will be that new post entails that I become a regular staff member of the Department of Philosophy – and that means that I will now regularly teach undergraduate and graduate courses.

The Husserl Archive
Husserl Archive at the University of Freiburg (by Husserl-Archiv)

I am looking forward to gathering much more teaching experience with different levels of students over the next couple of years. In the academic year 2017-2018, I plan to revisit my earlier research on democratic theory and political philosophy. In the winter term, I will teach an undergraduate course on Hannah Arendt, in the summer term I plan a seminar either on contractualism or, a bit more broadly, on liberal conceptions of democracy.

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