Research blog kick-off

After quite a busy post-dissertation time, I finally want to kick-off my research blog. I currently plan to post at least every two weeks and to use this blog as a kind of public platform for “unpolished” ideas and early stage tests. Apart from posts related to the “product” of my research, I also want to write about the “process”, e.g. workflows and tools, as well as about the “context”, e.g. of the situation in my fields of research.

I currently do not plan to write about events or political debates as they unfold, so this blog is not meant to be a comment on current developments in politics or at my university. If I comment on such developments at all, I plan to do so with a certain time-lag and because I feel it is important to put things in a different context or because I believe that certain arguments have not been spelled out in full.

I have planned some posts over the last couple of weeks, but organisational things have kept me quite busy. I really hope that this blog helps me to get back into putting my thoughts into words and develop new ideas for my research. Let’s see how far my motivation will carry me.

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